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We should all seek to understand Jake’s hero archetype and Edward’s anti-hero archetype — and Bella’s martyr, Nessie’s savior, Jasper’s addict, Jake’s storyteller, Bella’s detective, Edward’s monk, and all of the many other Twilight archetypes embodied in the series. Not because we are fans (though we are!!), but because those very same archetypes exist in our real world.  They exist in you, and they exist in me, and learning to work with them is like finding a translator app for your life.

Using archetypes as a model to deconstruct the Twilight characters and their experiences will demonstrate the power of archetypes, which can then be applied in our literal worlds to unlock some of the mystery and the angst — and the joy!! — in the everyday experiences we all overlook and take for granted.   The story serves as a great reminder that divine guidance and sacred perspectives can be found literally everywhere!

This site is intentionally geared toward readers who have never studied archetypes.  Just as Twilight is widely appropriate across many age groups, I hope to share material that will transcend age, experience or familiarity with archetypal concepts using Twilight as a level-appropriate teaching tool.   Enjoy!   The Twilight archetypes await!!

[The individual Twilight characters’ archetypes are discussed in separate pages on this site, but as a launching point, consider starting with a short explanation of what archetypes are — http://twilightsagaarchetypes.com/about/]

17 Responses to “Welcome to the World of Twilight Archetypes!”

  1. I am speed reading the series and can’t wait to read more about the connections with archetypes! My cousin finally got me to read Twilight, and I read it in just a few days. Can’t wait to learn more!!! Happy Holidays, Jennie Malone.

  2. Jamie, welcome aboard, and thanks so much for your feedback. I hope people will appreciate that archetypes aren’t limited to the Twilight series because in reality they are universal in all things around us. Twilight is a fantastic tool for looking at our own lives through an archetypal lens (the addict, the damsel, the hero, the coward, etc.), but aside from the realistic application of those concepts, it’s just plain fun for all of us Twilight fans to enjoy the series in a new light!!

    I hope you enjoy the series, and I hope the archetypal perspective adds an interesting twist as you dig into it. Have fun!!

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  4. Another good piece, Christine. Remus Lupin and Jacob Black are two prime examples of physical shapeshifters (in Harry Potter and Twilight, respectively), but Snape (from Harry Potter ) and Plutarch Heavensbee ( The Hunger Games ) can be viewed as examples of the archetype on a more psychological level: Their actions can be interpreted different ways based upon the particular (limited) point of view of or information known to a given character (Harry spends a lot of time over those seven books trying to pin down Snape s agenda, motives, and loyalties). In classic Star Wars, Lando Calrissian fills this function (as Han Solo memorably and prophetically says about him, I don t trust him . but he IS my friend ); Palpatine is a Machiavellian shapeshifter in the prequel trilogy who physically shapeshifts from a seemingly benign old man into a disfigured grotesque once his evil plan is exposed. Like all good archetypes, the shapeshifter is wonderfully versatile.

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