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About Archetypes

Archetypes are universal patterns of being that exist in everything and everyone around us (everyone has encountered a “bully” at some point in their lifetime, or been inspired by a great “teacher,” or charmed without rational explanation by a “spellcaster”).    These are all examples of archetypes, and to understand the language of archetypes is to unwrap a vast wealth of information as any story or any circumstance is viewed from this perspective.

All of the Twilight characters experience profound transformation and awakening, or rebirth, which in and of itself is an archetypal experience.  Each of the main characters’ version of this theme has a character-specific spin, but at the symbolic level, all of them experience a mystical deconstruction of their previous perspectives and attitudes, and all of them emerge with a more conscious awareness of what it means to be alive and truly present — a theme all of us engage every day (whether we like it or not) as we embark on our personal versions of archetypal struggles with people and events in our own world.

Twilight offers a youthful approach to learning about archetypes so that common themes and patterns can be identified in your own life.   Archetypal experiences teach us what we are capable of, and only when we know what we are capable of, do we know who we really are!   I hope this site will provide not only a new angle on Ms. Meyer’s beloved tale, but also a new angle on your own gifts and challenges.   As you explore this site and the related resources mentioned along the way, ask yourself, “What archetypes do I have?,”  and “Forget Twilight archetypes — how can I better use or manage archetypes to improve my own life?!”    From one die-hard Twilight fan to another, let’s take the story deeper…

For a more detailed explanation of archetypes, please start with the Introduction to Archetypes — http://twilightsagaarchetypes.com/intro-to-archetypes/

If you are already familiar with archetypes, you might want to proceed to Fate and Destiny — http://twilightsagaarchetypes.com/fate-and-destiny/

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