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Each one of us has our own unique destiny and sacred path, and it is interesting to note that both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart clearly are experiencing a vampire archetype in the current chapter of their own (literal) lives.   The world cannot get enough of them; we chase them out of their shadows, the very shadows where they (and each of us) feel safe and private.  The paparazzi, fueled by our thirst for more, more, more –  are literally sucking the life out of them as the vampire of media frenzy.    It is unfair, and even cruel, to treat people like false gods on false thrones, but that is sadly the nature of hero worship.  Once we put someone on too high a pedestal, they are too high above us for us to see what we are doing to them, and we no longer treat them like human beings. 

The lead actors no doubt feel like they are being chased out of every dark, private, safe corner and into the light where we can feast on their every breath and every word.  The challenge for them will be to see this experience for what it is – an archetypal experience in their own lives.  They hopefully will draw from their own strength and character, their own groundedness and their own relationship with the Divine to see this chapter in their lives as an experience at the ant level to portray vampires, but at the cloud level, to experience what it feels like to be the victim of a vampire force (pop culture) and to be victorious over the seduction of success and power in order to hold their own strong, steady sense of themselves and who they really are until the vampire has moved to the next victim to feed its voracious appetite on someone else. 

When these actors are left alone at some glorious point in the future, will they be grounded, living, warm souls, or will they be anemic, hollow shells of the people they were before?   My wish for them is to find the balance that Bella did – I hope they do not look at the present sacrifices they are making as a form of punishment, but instead as an opportunity (albeit on a scale none of us “civilians” may understand) to draw from their inner strength and faith to maintain their sense of grounded “self” throughout our unfortunate and gluttonous feast as hungry fans.   When the mob finally lets them off the pedestal, my prayer is they will have grown through the vampiric experience in their lives to find a deeper, truer sense of their inner selves, instead of letting the external self that we obsess over as fans be the death of their own individual Light.

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  1. JudyRidenour says:

    Dear Jennie–
    Thank you for this website and your interesting information/perspective on the Twilight Saga! I have tried to explain to others how I’ve found/sensed so many deeper levels to the story and each character’s story and you have iven me so much more to share!
    I just found you site yesterday and have been reading and reading–I want to know more about this subject and will be exploring more from now on.
    Just wanted To say that my prayers for these young people have been very similar to what I just read of yours above! May they survive the frenzy and stay sane, balanced and grow through this experience, please God.
    Jennie, please keep writing I so want to learn more of your perspective. Especially Carlisle! Thanks–JR

    • Judy,
      Thanks for your incredibly kind note and your generous feedback! I, too, adore the Twilight material for all of its deeper nuances, and whether Steph Meyer consciously intended to include the themes she has, the series is clearly a testament to the truth of those principles just the same. I am working on new content over the month of June to upload to the site to analyze more of the individual archetypes in more detail. Carlisle is one of my favorites, too, so he will be included shortly!

      In the meantime, please by all means feel free to send suggestions or questions about particular subjects you want to see addressed in future installments! I would be thrilled to have more of a genuine dialogue with people who share an interest in this material, and I plan to add more detail to the individual characters’ archetypes since they are so deliciously rich and complex with insight for all of us. Heaven knows how much I have gotten out of Twilight (and continue to), and it’s my total joy bringing a different sort of life to the “cloud level” for the characters and their archetypal journeys.

      Thanks again for your nice note – I can’t tell you how much it means – and other than Carlisle, let me know if you have any other requests for particular characters or themes. Take care, and all my sincerest regards — Jennie

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