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Rosalie’s Archetypal Transformation (Cloud Level Transformation)

(For an explanation of “ant level” and “cloud level” perspectives, see the link for “Fate and Destiny” http://twilightsagaarchetypes.com/fate-and-destiny/.)

Rosalie’s archetypal transformation is from Princess to Black Widow/Femme Fatale to Warrior Mother.  She describes her human life much like a fairy tale, and she says she for the most part had everything she ever wanted.  She lived the life of a princess, always protected, always pampered, always admired by “ordinary” people for her beauty and poise.   Even her suitor/fiancé comes from a family with the surname “King.”  When her “prince” turns out to be an abusive manipulator who left her for dead, she relishes the opportunity to savor her hatred of him and his friends and to savor their suffering and terror at her hands.  She saves her fiancé for last, as any Black Widow would, and she delights in the theatrics of her last and most favored kill.  With no longer a reason for homicide, her hatred melds into the less violent Femme Fatale.  She wields her feminine power over men as a right and a privilege, and she expects and demands their every attention.  

She seems not to have a nurturing bone in her body, except that she confides in Bella her one greatest regret – the inability to bear children and be a mother.  Later in the series we see Rosalie’s strong, warrior-like resolve morph into the Warrior Mother as she fiercely and loyally protects Bella’s child.  Nessie obviously is not Rosalie’s biological child, but we see the surrogate mother instinct sharply rise to the surface and take the place of her need for male approval and attention.   Her destiny is realized when her archetypes evolve in a way that rescue her from her ego-driven narcissism and shallow prior existence.

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