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Who is the Hero?   (Is there more than one?)

Who is the Savior archetype?    Who is the Warrior?    The Monk?    The Virgin?  (That one may be obvious in some respects, but other angles might surprise you.)

What are Nessie’s archetypes?    And Bree’s?     And Jane’s?    And from an archetypal perspective, what is a shapeshifter?

These are just a few of the many archetypes we will explore together.   Check back for new content as each character is deconstructed by individual archetype, one at a time, with a thorough analysis of all of them.    In the meantime, if you have specific questions about any of the characters or any specific archetypes that you want to see featured as a priority, feel free to contact me directly.

And as you consider the archetypes of the Twilight characters, ask yourself what your archetypes are.    Studying Twilight is fun and interesting, but so are YOU, so apply the archetypal themes and patterns to your life, too!

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