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The Addict

The Addict

You teach me to feel
Without obsessing too much
Without losing myself
In the ecstatic rush

You teach me to love
Without losing my center
To keep it together
No longer soul splinters

You teach me to see
Moderation and its place
While joy has no limits
My choices need grace

You teach me to be true
To look hard in the mirror
To see what God sees
There is nothing dearer

You show me the way
That God lights my path
No confusion from fear
As my heart finds its laugh

You show me straight lines
Between my head and my heart
I must act with congruence
’Tis where I must start

You show me my frailties
My destructive games
The tricks I play on myself
Results always the same

You show me the truth
That today is unique
My struggles are teachers
I must dig deep

Your voice in my head
Your voice in my heart
May there be teamwork
I can now do my part

Nothing is impossible
Nothing too jaded
If I live in this moment
My faith not faded

Please tell me, wise addict
Before you go
How to maintain this courage
How can I know

It is there within
It has always been
Discern your true allies
Reverence for life your friend.

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