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The Volturi

The Volturi represents the archetypal concept of  “Institution.”   The positive or light aspect of the Institution is maintenance of order and peaceful existence through safety and well-enforced (meaningful) rules.  The shadow aspect of the Institution, however, is manifested by bullies who prey on the weakness and/or fear in people over which the Institution governs.   The concept of Institution is supposed to instill and embody values and order, but when corrupted, it becomes motivated by power and dominion over the masses for the benefit of a collective few.

Fear of the Institution can also take the form of something we all know in our daily lives —  fear of what the proverbial “they” will think.  It is a fear of judgment and retribution and punishment from institutional thinking and institutional boundaries. 

Underneath the crippling fear of the Volturi is the mythology that they have any power at all, which comes crumbling down when people stand up to them and force the Institution to see that we are all the same (not bullies and victims, but equals).   In this context, the Institution is terrified of change and rebellion, so its members control by iron-fisted punishment and fear.    As we see throughout history (most recently in Egypt and other middle Eastern cultures, for example) institutional bullies are overthrown by unorganized, but determined “civilians” who have conviction and courage because they have nothing else to lose (as in the Twilight saga, when the vampires surrender to their destiny in the last scenes of Breaking Dawn, in whatever form that takes even if it means death, so long as it means dignity and freedom from oppression at last). 

The Volturi also represents the shadow aspect of the Pirate archetype because they sneak up on, and ambush, unsuspecting vampires who possess something (a talent) that the pirates want to steal for themselves.

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