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Wise Old Fool

The Wise Old Fool

You live with open arms
Your wings spread wide
You dance in the spray
No matter the tide.

You laugh too loud
Or so they say
Your response befuddles
You’d have it no other way.

Nothing is impossible
You ask us to see
The illusion you dispel
Is the key to be free.

The crowds gather around
But not to revel in your wisdom
They judge your merry dance
And cast only criticism.

You dismiss their harsh tone
You blow them kisses in the wind
You march toward the sun
The moon your personal friend.

You love with passion
Your heart a sweet garden
Though they bind you up
And refuse the pardon.

From shackles and chains
You still whistle your tune
You see what matters
That dawn will come soon.

You welcome its rays
You welcome the day
The morn a new gift
No matter what they say.

They may think you crazy
They may judge you a fool
I will gladly follow you
And carry your tools.

As you mend one heart at a time
As you treat their souls
As you show them joy
Your truth is told.

I love you, great Master
And your mysterious ways
You silly old fool
Or so they say.

I see you differently
I long for your courage
I love you, my Master
My soul you nourish.

You carry the wisdom
To know love is a choice
To know the truth in your heart
We can all rejoice.

Sing on, great One
With more melody than the rest
I hear you so clearly
Your tenor the best.

Take me with you, great Lord
Let me dance at your feet
May they laugh at me, too
My journey complete.

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