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The Liberator

The Liberator

You do not see walls
Only open windows
Nor dead, barren fields
Only that which grows.

You do not see mountains
Only death-defying passes
Nor a man with no sight
Only he who needs glasses.

You do not see “impossible”
Only “I’ll show you the way”
Nor the struggles of tomorrow
Just the joy of today.

You do not see grief
In the dearly departed
Just promise of the future
In the journey they have started.

You do not tolerate defeat
Nor the idea of giving up
Never the weary old dog
Just the exuberant young pup.

You shatter the myth
That fear is an option
That suffering is mandatory
That joy demands caution.

You liberate us from chains
The heavy ropes that make us bleed
You show us the winter garden
That with hope there is seed.

You liberate our hearts
From our sad and jaded ways
To appreciate the moment
Now and all our days.

You show us fear is the enemy
The result of toxic old habits
That we have to break the cycle
And stop being addicts.

We thank you, great Lord
For showing us the path
We embrace courage and joy
No longer victims of wrath.

We see Your mighty sword
We embrace Your clear sight
We take up Your journey
For joy, we will fight.

We will fight our own demons
We will slay them at last
To show us the way
You have been cast.

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