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Victoria represents the archetypal concepts of Fear and Chaos.  We all fall prey to the myth that if our life gets too comfortable, too happy, too settled or familiar, that God will rip the rug out from under us, so we often live in a state of chaos and fear (or our own version of the proverbial shell game) to keep things in constant motion with distractions and fear-motivated choices.

This habit manifests in different forms and in varying degrees, and some people may not even admit this tendency because they are not consciously aware of the extent to which the fear exists — but the truth is we are always looking over our shoulder, always waiting for the inevitable “when is this going to change?” — and it is in this context that we experience Victoria. She taunts Bella, she taunts Edward, and she’s always there, but always out of reach. She is elusive and evasive but always “present;” she is always right out of their grasp and out of their control, and Bella lives under the fear of “is she going to get me today, or is she going to get me tomorrow?”  Victoria represents the boogeyman in our own lives — there is always the fear that everything in Bella’s world will change for the worse and she will be “had” (God will rip the rug out from under her because her life is otherwise too happy, too perfect).    As is always the case with fear at that level, the end of the dance with Victoria comes down to a one-on-one battle with Bella and Edward directly involved in the fight because that kind of fight with fear/faith in our own lives is epic; it has to be personally fought.

Victoria represents what we battle every day because we are scared if we do not keep our back up with vigilant guard, that everything will come crashing down.  Most of us are terrified (to some extent) that if we do not maintain constant “watch,” the safety net will be ripped out and everything good and safe in our life will change; this constant state of vigilance and fear-based chaos, however, is the total opposite of faith and that myth has to be destroyed (as Victoria is).

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